Protests Remain Calm for a 2nd Night as Curfew Takes Effect: Live Updates

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Demonstrations remained peaceful, but many protesters appeared set to flout the order that they clear the streets. It was unclear how far the defiance would go.

RIGHT NOWHundreds of protesters packed into Carl Schurz Park for a vigil.

Large groups of protesters were still on the streets as the curfew took effect.
As a citywide curfew fell on New York for the third night, it was clear on Wednesday that large numbers of protesters who had come out to protest police brutality and systemic racism would flout the requirement that they clear the streets by 8 p.m., as they had the night before.

It was less certain whether defiance of the curfew had increased since Tuesday when several large groups continued to demonstrate well past the deadline and the police hemmed one group in on the Manhattan Bridge in a tense, hourslong standoff.

But after another day of mostly peaceful rallies touched off by the killing in police custody of George Floyd in Minneapolis, it appeared that the more forceful approach to maintaining order adopted by Mayor Bill de Blasio on Tuesday was again having the desired effect.

As darkness began to fall, instances of the kind of looting and vandalism that broke out in Manhattan and parts of the Bronx on Sunday and Monday were scarce, as were reports of the sort of violent clashes between protesters and the police that erupted on previous days.

And though the prospect that either, or both, might recur, what mostly remained were peaceful gatherings of New Yorkers clamoring for change. At one, a large crowd assembled near Gracie Mansion, the mayor’s official residence on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

Seva Galant, 19, was among those who addressed the group, which had been forced away from the mansion by police officers who had surrounded the area with metal barricades.


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