Shine your light✨

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A message of enlightenment full of love and hope?

To everyone who feels down today, here is a ray of sunshine for you.

Each and everyone of us face difficult challenges and struggles that sometimes makes us stumble. Unexpected events are the usual cause of these, esp. now that we have this pandemic season. Most of us are so low in spirit, when our plans were cancelled, when everything else fails in our lives, we don't know where to go, we don't know what to do. No one can blame us. Our happiness suddenly fade away. The smiles on our face can not be seen anymore. Did everyone asked you if you're okay and you cannot find the answer? You just feel so empty and so bad being in this kind of situation. We think no one understands. But believe me. At moments like these, there is still some ONE who truly sees us from our hearts. He understand us truthfully. There is some ONE who will be there for us when no one is. He is our Father. He is our Friend. He is the light in this dark world. He is the star that shines in the night. He is always with us so we are never alone. He is our hope and a ray of sunshine to our dim moments. He is God. Jesus our Lord. Eternal, loving unconditionally all the days of our lives and will make us smile no matter how sad things are for us. Just like a Sunflower that blooms so beautiful under the light, may we also stand shining under the brightness of His light. Glory to God!❤